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Coco Weed Mats

Coco Weed Mats

Mulching around trees is very important, as it helps the young tree to obtain the essential nutrients needed to survive the early stages of development. Mulching helps to suppress the growth of weeds around a tree’s root system. Within the first three years of growth young trees need moisture in the growing medium around the tree. This moisture is needed by the tree as a feeding mechanism to carry minerals to its root system. If weeds are permitted to grow around the tree, they will take most of this moisture which will seriously reduce the tree’s growth rate. A form of weed suppressant material will be of great benefit to the tree in its early stages of development allowing the moisture to fully aid the tree.


  • 100% Biodegradable and Transforms into Organic Matter on Decomposing.
  • Conserve water and give insulation and help moderate moistures levels in the garden & Plants.
  • Easily installed around your tree and protects from weeds and soil erosion give your tree a neat, manicured

look without having to constantly weed and trim around the tree.


Our Product Specifications

Product Name Coir Weed Mat Product Photo
Brand Name Greenpeat coco
Type Rubberized Coir Sheets
Form Mats
Material Coir Fiber
Thickness 800, 1000, 1200 gsm
Packing Cling wrap (polythene) or naked
Weight As Buyer's request
Size 10cm to 90cm, as per customer's requirements
Services OEM / ODM / Private Label
Customization Possible
Specifications can be changed with the buyer's preferences