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Terrarium Mats

Terrarium mats are made of natural coconut coir, a material carefully chosen for its exceptional properties in providing a safe and comfortable habitat for reptiles, puppies, cats, and small animals. These mats are thoughtfully crafted to ensure optimal pet care and offer a range of technical advantages.

The core material, natural coconut coir, boasts excellent moisture-absorption capabilities. This feature prevents skin decay in reptiles and creates a cozy resting surface for puppies and cats. The use of coconut coir provides a natural and comfortable feel, promoting a sense of security and well-being for your pets.



  • Made from natural coconut coir for a safe and comfortable habitat.
  • Excellent moisture absorption prevents skin decay in reptiles.
  • Provides a cozy resting surface for puppies and cats.
  • Natural composition promotes a sense of security and well-being for pets.
  • Manufactured using non-toxic and pet-friendly materials.
  • Durable and resilient to withstand wear and tear and Easy to clean.
  • Versatile application for various pets and habitats.
  • Creates a serene and restful environment.


Product Name Terrarium Mat Product Photo
Brand Name Greenpeatcoco
Application Sleeping mat for puppies, cats etc.
Shape Square, Rectangular or as customer requirement
Material Coconut fiber + Latex
Feature Eco-friendly, Warm, Sustainable
Color Natural 
Usage Provide safe habitat for reptiles and lizards and sleeping mat for puppies, cats etc..
Size 12*18 inches or as per customer requirement
Services OEM / ODM / Private Label
Customization Possible
Specifications can be changed with the buyer's preferences