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4.5Kg Husk Chip Block

4.5Kg Husk Chip Block

Husk chips (Coir Mulch) produced from the husks at the outer layer of coconut nut consists of long fibers and sponge-like pith particles. Coconut husk chips which are ideal for potting mixer to increase air fill porosity and water holding capacity. Husk Chips are ideal for home gardening, horticulture especially for orchids, Bromeliads, Gerbera, Anthurium, Clivia, Roses, etc. Hydrate the blocks slowly by using water and allow the moisture to be fully absorbed. Once the block is completely reconstituted, you will get the yield of liters.



  • Coconut husk chips hold water and air like a sponge
  • Excellent drainage, high caution exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Cuts down fertilizer application up to 30%
  • Prevents stress after repotting
  • Neutral pH and innate buffering capacity
  • Resists fungal growth
  • 100% natural and renewable resource

Product Name Husk-chip 4.5Kg Blocks Product Photo
Type Coconut Husk-chips
Form Blocks
Material 100% Husk Chips
Moisture Less than 20%
EC Level As per Customer spec
Used for Vegetable, Flower cultivation, Farms, Greenhouses
Season Farming Seasons, and for Terrarium
Packing With handle bag, inserting color label or Naked
Weight 4.5 kg, As Buyer's request
Size 29x29x14cm
Services OEM / ODM / Private Label
Customization Possible
Specifications can be changed with the buyer's preferences