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Cocopeat Briquettes

Cocopeat Briquettes

Discover the power of our Cocopeat Briquettes – the ultimate choice for retail markets and home gardening.


Briquettes are specially produced for retail markets for home gardening and hobby growers for gardening, cropping and all horticulture and hydroponic as potting mixture or soil conditioner. Briquettes are perfect for a variety of flowering, vegetable and fruits nurseries and ornamental plants as well as other indoor and outdoor plants for the retail market and commercial nurseries. The highest compression ratio 8:1 gives the maximum cost benefit to the retailer and the customer. For the retail market, wrapped briquettes with customer specified labels are available. Cocopeat can be obtained in Low and High, EC Levels. Briquettes are available in 240g, 330g, 600g, 620g and 650g sizes.


  • 100% Natural organic growing medium which gives a higher volume when compressed.
  • High Expandability of Compressed Cocopeat Briquettes.
  • Briquettes are an ideal handy retail pack for home gardening, horticulture, floriculture etc.
  • Can be mixed with sand, compost, and fertilizer to make good quality potting soil.
  • Helps to keep the soil loose and airy and that helps in better root growth.

Our Product Specifications

Product Name Cocopeat Briquettes Product Photo
Brand Name Greenpeatcoco
Type Coconut Peat
Form Briquette
Moisture Less than 20%
EC Level As per Customer spec
Use For Home Gardening, Plant Nurseries, Vegetable/Flower Beds, Animals
Size As per customer's requirement
Packing Cling wrap (polythene) or naked
Weight 240g, 330g, 600g, 620g and 650g or as Buyer's request
Season Farming Seasons
Services OEM / ODM / Private Label
Customization Possible
Specifications can be changed with the buyer's preferences